Intn’l fees likely safe

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International student fees appear to be staying the same for the next school year despite NAIT’s deficit of $6.1 million last year.

In a recent interview, President and CEO Glenn Feltham said he “doesn’t believe international tuition is going up,” when asked about the current budget cuts happening at the University of Alberta and whether similar changes could happen at NAIT.

The U of A made headlines last week by cutting their budget by four per cent while increasing international student tuition by 3.14 per cent and upping the costs of dorms and meal plans. They’ve since been criticized by the students’ union and academic staff.

“We know that we need the resources in order to do the things we need to do to meet the needs of students. But all of these decisions will be driven by what we believe is in the interests of our institution, as well as in the interest of our students,” said Feltham.

Last year, NAIT increased international tuition by 24 per cent with little warning to students.

The U of A’s been further criticized for their cuts because of the salaries that upper administration receive, including President David Turpin’s of over half a million. NAIT’s salaries for upper administration are also in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, including President Feltham’s at just under $500,000.

“There actually is a market for talent,” Feltham said.

“This province is well served when they have among the best talent in the country. In no way am I saying that Glenn [Feltham] is the right person, but when I look at colleagues, I’m in awe when I see the talent.”

Feltham continued by saying that Alberta has been enormously blessed to have incredible leaders.

NAIT will table its budget in May.

– Michael Menzies

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