Immunization appointments qualify Albertans for paid time off

by | Jun 3, 2021 | News

With over fifty per cent of Canada’s population vaccinated with their first dose, the country is beginning to reopen.

The amendment to the Employment Standards Code requires employers to pay employees up to three hours of paid leave to get either dose of the vaccine. All full-time and part-time employees in the province qualify for the new rule.

The booking process for vaccinations is fairly straightforward: sign up through AHS or a local pharmacy’s website. But when it comes to setting up a prompt appointment, it can cause some uncertainty.

Dealing with prolonged wait times at a scheduled appointment also plays a factor in vaccine hesitancy or procrastination.

After a spike in positive cases in the beginning of May, the government of Alberta has amended the Employment Standards Code to allow all employees in the province access to paid, job-protected, time off in the case a vaccination might interfere with a work shift.

This new rule was announced on April 21 by Jason Copping, Alberta’s Minister of Labour and Immigration.

“Hard working Albertans want to get the vaccine, but some may not be able to schedule an appointment because of their working hours. A loss of pay is a barrier to getting vaccinated,” said Copping.

Employees need to provide proof of an appointment such as a simple appointment confirmation.

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