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by | Mar 11, 2018 | Featured, Uncategorized

NAIT is hosting a tax clinic to provide students with services to get their taxes done for free. These will take place on March 16, 23 and April 6. These tax clinics are all day, with each session being half an hour to an hour, so there’s plenty of time for students to come and get their taxes done.

Students are required to bring a government issued photo ID, all tax slips (T4, scholarships, etc.), as well as last year’s assessment notice. If they wish to have a pdf copy of the tax returns alongside the print copy, they must a bring a USB flash drive.

There are some restrictions however. If the student is self employed, has capital gains or losses, bankrupt, any income that is greater than $30,000, returns that result in a decrease, or adjustments from previous returns, they will not be able to have their taxes done at the clinic.

Sign-ups are still open for accounting students who wish to volunteer and assist in the tax clinic sessions, where they will receive training from the Government of Alberta CPA Program.

These sign ups and additional information can be found on Orgsync, under the Accounting Club of NAIT’s portal.

– Trumann Tu

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