From the NAITSA Senate: April 3 recap

by | Apr 4, 2024 | News

NAITSA’s Senate held their final meeting of the 2023/24 academic year on April 3. NAITSA President Tyleen Saison expressed positive feelings and gratitude towards the elected Senators and Executive Council for their work this year. The meeting started with a performance review of the investment policies of NAITSA, where NAITSA’s Finance Director provided an overview of the commitment to a low-risk investment, by means of stringent quality control policies, accompanied by a moderate return. 

Following the presentation, the senate reviewed the candidacy of former senator Danielle Libunao as the (already elected) future student at large on NAIT’s 2024-2025 Board of Governors. Libunao will be joining Vice President Academic Marina Bruno for the upcoming year. Libunao was elected on the promise to work in the best interest of students and bridge the gap between students and the institution. Libunao will be able to put in practice the managerial and networking skills acquired in the HR program she has been part of. 

The 11th meeting continued with questions to the Executive Council by the Senate. VP Academic Bruno was almost persuaded to share too much about upcoming activities for students during this year’s convocation. VP External Jenna Luczak hinted at talks with other associations about the possibility of having a Fall week-long break, however it is just a concept so far. Finally, Senator Flemming asked why NAIT does not offer housing accommodations. There was no elaboration on the why by President Saison, nevertheless, she assured that it is an established concern for the council, thus she hopes to see action on it soon. VP Academic Bruno then expanded on housing alternatives that NAIT offers as part of partnerships with allies in the community. 

As a final important item in the agenda, due to the extraordinary nature of the NAITSA president bi-election for 2024-2025, there was a selection of a new election committee. The volunteers in the committee will oversee any appeals if necessary.

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