Film Festival at NAIT offers free screening

by | Sep 27, 2019 | News, Uncategorized

By Nicole Murphy

The Alberta International Women’s Film Festival is offering a free screening for students Friday September 27 at Noon in the Shaw theatre.

The three day event is presenting We All Believe in You, a documentary about an organization that holds weekly meetings for those with mental health issues.
Film creator and director Andrea Beca says she hopes the film will open up a discussion of mental health for viewers.

“My biggest goal with this piece has always been to help everyone who is struggling with mental health…to help them feel less alone,” said Beca.

“My goal in bringing everyone together in the film, was so anyone could watch it and see themselves reflected back.”

We All Believe in You is also the name of the organization featured in the short documentary. The film began as a photography project that Beca was asked to help with, and then grew into a Storyhive funded project that has been accepted to film festivals across North America.

“More than anything the personal feedback I have received, that their feelings have been affirmed. They feel safer and more comfortable speaking out about their own issues. That to me is just the biggest gift that the film has created,” said Beca.

After the film is viewed, Beca and the main subject and mental health advocate Blake Loates will be holding a Question & Answer discussion to allow students to voice their questions or comments.

The entire festival runs from September 27 to 29 at NAIT in the Shaw theatre. Students pay $25 for an entire weekend pass and will have access to diverse films. Visit for more information and tickets.

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