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Mercy Funk is the brainchild of Angela Proulx and Crystal Eyo. They don’t let
genre define their music but it falls most closely near the stylings of funk, R&B, pop and soul. Between the two of them, their musical tastes span all genres, with Eyo stating that, “nineties music is really where [their] musical tastes intersect.” They had one goal – “to always put on a damn good

“We met and just knew we had to make music together,” said Proulx – and make music they did. Mercy Funk played their first show on a Valentine’s Day and every year since they have played an anniversary show called Love Fest. Love Fest takes place at Brixx, a bar located underneath the Starlite Room. This year they will be holding the show on Feb. 10.

While the members of Mercy Funk don’t take themselves too seriously, they do
put a lot of care into their music.

“Even if it’s Thursday at 10 p.m., which it usually ends up being, we make
sure to practise at least once a week,” said Eyo, who also mentioned the practising isn’t really a chore to them. They like to practise, because they care about the music.

At the time this interview took place, Eyo and Proulx credited The Needle Vinyl Tavern as their favourite venue. The Needle had hosted their shows multiple times, though the venue is now indefinitely closed in the wake of sexual assault allegations. Eyo and Proulx do wish that there were more places in and around Edmonton to book local bands and for fans to come out and see them.

If you’re hoping to hear some of their music live though, never fret! They’ll be playing a show downtown at the Art Gallery of Alberta, as a part of the pop-up live music series Vibe, on Jan. 19. And there’s always Love Fest on Feb. 10! Hear their self-titled EP on their website, It’s also
a great place to find out information about upcoming shows and any and all other facts you could possibly want to know.

Mercy Funk will be releasing their first full-length album, Feel Good, in the spring of 2018.

– Nikita Eleniak

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