Edmonton event to promote new LGBTQIA2S+ gym

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Get your gym socks ready for this saturday as QUEERFLEX puts on the Big Gay Field Day Fundraiser at the Alberta Avenue Community Centre.

On September 8th, the non-profit gym, QUEERFLEX will be hosting a track and field event dedicated to raising funds and awareness for their inclusivity-focused gym. There will be six track and field themed activities for everyone to participate in, including tire-flipping, Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissoring, and tug of war.

There will also be snacks and participation ribbons for everyone who takes part.

“It will be kind of like a field day, like when you were in elementary school, except a little bit bigger and a little bit gayer,” said the Executive Director of QUEERFLEX, Kyle Fairall.

Since its inception, QUEERFLEX has been operating out of a group member’s basement. The event was created to fundraise the money for the group’s new commercial space, which will be located under the Pride Centre here in Edmonton.

QUEERFLEX first began in October 2016 with the mission of providing a space for LGBTQIA2S+ people to use gym facilities comfortably and safely.

Registration closed on the 5th, but you can still come and support the cause.

Photo source: QUEERFLEX

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