Edmonton author dishes on new Alberta “bucket list” book

by | Nov 14, 2022 | Arts & Life

Following a tweet about his aspirations to chip away at an old bucket list, Emil Tiedemann decided to compile 100 adventures for him and others to join in on. Tiedemann, an Indigenous blogger and author from Edmonton, celebrates his new book, The Ultimate Alberta Bucket List: 100 Adventures to Truly Experience Alberta, which was released on Amazon on October 6th

The 286-page book includes must-see destinations in Alberta, Albertan dishes to try, festivals, museums and stunning hiking trails—some of which you’ve likely never heard of or have longed to see or try. “[The ideas] they’re from other people that I know online as well that have done all these things and that’s where I got the inspiration from,” he said. 

The author admits that since writing the book, he has yet to complete the bucket list in entirety but is making headway.

“I’ve only done about 20 of them [activities] so far. I’m actually going to start documenting them on my blog because I want to do all 100,” he said. As Tiedemann blogs about the activities he’s completed, readers can journal about their experiences in the book, and on the Twitter or Alberta Bucket List Facebook page. Readers are encouraged to share how the adventure was, who you went with, a rating and then the date. There’s very much a journaling aspect to the book.  

“I just hope that people, even if they don’t buy the book, just to go out and try new things in Alberta. We’re always looking for a vacation, but we’re always looking outside of Alberta. And when you really think about it, really, this place has everything all year round as well,” said Tiedemann.

“This is a motivation and inspiration to get you out there and try new things, especially in our own backyard because we can’t fly to a lot of places right now or it’s too expensive and so there’s so many beautiful things in Alberta, so why not try Alberta?”

The author is currently writing a trivia and a book on Edmonton history, which he envisions will take a number of years to complete. If interested in trying new activities or learning about places to see in Alberta, you can purchase his book on Amazon here

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