Editorial: Witchcraft For Beginners

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Opinion

Witchcraft isn’t about pointy hats, black cats or having bright green skin. It is about practicing manifestation and working on intentions.

Spells don’t look like they do in the movies with magic wands and flashing lights but rather they are made with simple ingredients such as herbs and spices you can find in your home.

A few months ago I began practicing witchcraft. I was scrolling on Tik Tok and kept seeing videos of simple spells and information on what it means to be a witch in the modern day. After a few hours of bingeing videos and researching I couldn’t get the thought of becoming a witch out of my mind. I created a small protection spell as I saw the ingredients were all things I already had in my home such as rosemary and egg shells. From there I researched more, started a journal, started collecting crystals and created an altar of my own.

Lindsey McNeil, a professional tarot card reader, does not identify as a witch but believes that spirituality looks different to all people and there is not just one way to be a witch or practice spirituality.

Woman holds tarot cards in front of purple sky backdrop.

Lindsey McNeill | Supplied photo.

“I think we need to throw out these ideas that we just subscribe to one stream of thought, because there’s so much when you get down to the mysticism of everything else out there. We’re all trying to kind of connect to the same principles,” said McNeill.

I started practicing witchcraft in a rough patch in my life and having something to hold on to really helped me get out of that dark spot I was stuck in. In witchcraft there is a common practice of manifesting good things to happen and I was so stuck in thinking of all the bad things that I didn’t realize the way I think actually has an impact on the way my life plays out. When you think bad things are always going to happen, you are actually manifesting those things to happen. What you focus on expands.

It was hard to change the way I was used to thinking and sometimes, I still catch myself thinking negatively. Now I try and turn things around to be more positive. Instead of saying “my life sucks and bad things happen” I say, “ I am so strong for getting through that and good things are coming”.

Whether you believe in the power of witchcraft or not, there are benefits to the practice of manifestation and intention. If you are looking to become a witch, doing your research is important. There are a lot of good books to buy but the internet is a great (and free) tool to start looking into it. Of course there is a lot of bad advice out there but listen to your intuition as witchcraft is such a personal practice and if something works for you why shouldn’t you do it?

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