Editorial: Con-GRAD-ulations

by | May 3, 2022 | Arts & Life

It is finally here, graduation day! Graduation is a culmination of hard work, patience and perseverance, but as they always say, it’s just the start. This year’s graduation is different than others since most graduates attended classes online. Therefore, celebrating this milestone face-to-face and acknowledging those years spent balancing school, work and life is even more exciting. 

Some of us are undecided about what career to take; some are anxious about what life will be like after graduation, while others are still figuring out life in general. One thing is for sure: opportunities are immense if we are persistent in spreading our wings and finding spots to flourish. 

However, we are now talking about the real world. #Adulting101. There will be less or no support from our parents, and now we need to think about owning cars and homes or paying off student loans. There is more pressure and more responsibility. 

But, the past two years of studying while navigating this pandemic have taught me many life skills, like finding the determination to succeed and staying motivated and committed to pursuing my goals. One thing is essential: if we keep our core values intact, the setbacks and challenges that might come our way won’t knock us down. 

May this graduation day remind us that we did it, we worked hard for it, and we earned it. As always, we need to celebrate the victories. We need to celebrate ourselves, friends, classmates and instructors. May the fire of learning never falter and may your dreams stay big as we all embark on this new milestone. As Michelle Obama said, “Don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered.” Congratulations to NAIT’s 2022 graduates!

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