Digital April Fool’s: 3 Pranks To Get Others Laughing

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Arts & Life

April Fool’s Day is for tomfoolery, clever pranks, silly tricks and practical jokes. On April 1, ditch the professional, sophisticated manner and reignite the childhood joy of fooling others.

Just because friends can’t gather in the same room, doesn’t mean they can’t pull pranks on one another. Pranks can be just as effective online as they are in person.

The Freeze Frame Prank:

A strong internet connection and computer speed are key in a quality video presentation. Without this, video can cut in and out, distorting sound and create a lag in the conversation.

As the prankster, they need to get into the conversation. Once infiltrated, they must start with creating suitable stops in their dialogue. Start by dropping parts of words, then full words. Then they can add small pauses to their movement.

Consistency and stillness will be the challenge.

Build on the subtleties and increase the frequency, freezing in and out. Then they pick a gesture or facial expression and freeze.

Take in the reaction, and when the timing is right, finish the prank by coming out of the frozen position in a slow motion. This creates confusion and laughter as the audience figures it out.

April Fools Day

Photo by Zeah Spiegel

The “You’re Muted” Prank:

There are two ways to play with this prank.

First, The prankster can pretend they can’t hear the other person speaking. This puts pressure on prankee to troubleshoot, and as they try to solve the issue, the prankster gets to watch and hear the frustration at the same time. It is cruel but entertaining.

The second way is for the prankster to imitate speaking. They need to move their lips as if they were talking but stay silent. This will give the impression that the prankster is the muted one, and cause the other person to endure their silent antics.

For additional fun, combine the two ways.

The ‘Hey, you’re in my house!’ Prank:

Changing the background on a video call is a way to showcase personality. Many platforms offer stock images like tropical destinations or the ability to upload a personal picture.

This is a multi-prankster heist, and opportunity is key. This prank works the best if the setting is distinct, like somebody’s personal bedroom, office, or kitchen.

While attending an online meeting or class, pay attention to when the prankee steps away from their computer. Look at the background.

Then screen capture the victim’s background and upload it as their own. When the prankee returns, see how long it takes for them to realize, ‘hey, you’re in my house!’

The challenge with this prank is an opportunity, timing and collaboration. The more hooligans that take part in this prank, the more fun the reaction is. However, keep in mind, there isn’t a lot of time to pull it off before the person comes back. When there’s an opportunity, act fast and commit.

Spread some laughter this April Fool’s Day. Make the best out of online meetings and learning, and have some fun. Happy fooling!

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