Dedication Takes no Holidays

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By Madison Gummow

The holiday break is known as a relaxation period to skip workouts and escape the restrictions of dieting. For NAIT’s student-athletes, however, health and fitness can’t be so easily forgotten.

Ooks women’s volleyball captain, Victoria Ringuette, says she will be staying active every day during the break.

“I will be doing strength training. We have a really good strength and conditioning coach and he’s recommending four days a week of weight training. I’ll definitely be following that as well as fitting in runs,” Ringuette says.

Victoria Ringuette NAIT Ooks women's volleyball team captain

Victoria Ringuette | Photo by Railene Hooper

For her diet, Ringuette says she will be making sure to eat intuitively but still allowing herself to enjoy her holidays.

“I try not to overeat, that’s the hardest part, but I eat clean and will keep strict with my workouts so it won’t be an issue,” she said.

Devon McAndrews, a forward on the Ooks men’s hockey team, says he will be easing up on his diet slightly but will still keep his health as a priority.

“With my brothers and all my family in town I’m sure there will be a bit of drinking and eating, not so great, but I’ll try to keep it to a minimum,” says McAndrews.

McAndrews says he will be keeping active and compensating for the lack of ice time in other ways.

Tanner Younghans NAIT Ooks Men's Hockey team

Tanner Younghans | Photo by Railene Hooper

“I make it a point always to workout and keep in shape, so it’s something that I’ll keep up on for sure. I might relax with it a bit, maybe instead of four days a week I’ll go three. Off the ice, I’ll stay fit with some runs and weight training,” said McAndrews.

Also on the men’s hockey team, Tanner Younghans says he plans to take a break from school and hockey and enjoy spending time with his family.

“Overall, I try to stay away from junk food as much as I can but I’ll probably let loose on Christmas break and enjoy turkey dinner and things like that but not going too far with it,” says Younghans.

Devon McAndrews NAIT Men's Hockey Team

Devon McAndrews | Photo by Railene Hooper

Younghans plans to take some time off from his usual workout schedule.

“I’ll probably skate on the outdoor rink with some friends and I’ll get a few workouts in so I’m not hurting too bad for the first practice back,” he said.

Winter break will be a break from school but for the Ooks it isn’t a break from their fitness. While each athlete has their own way of staying fit during the holidays, it’s safe to say, staying healthy and coming back from the break ready to go will be a priority for all of them.

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