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Most people who use dating apps have a bunch of horror stories, but they’re not that bad. Some people use apps such as Tinder and Bumble strictly for sex and this use has ruined the perception of dating apps. This isn’t the only reason to use these apps. I know you can find legitimate relationships if you and the person you’re talking to are in the same boat. I am perfect evidence of that.

I found myself trying to have legitimate conversations with people, seeing if I can see a long term life with them. Is that so crazy? I’ve been in a pretty great relationship for the past year and Tinder is to blame. I’m not trying to be that pretentious dude who’s like “you’re doing it wrong,” when it comes to dating. Based on statistics from datingsitesreviews. com 46 per cent of dating app users met their current partner online.

There is no wrong way of dating. I mean, if you are looking for a one night thing? Cool. You want long term? Go for it. It shouldn’t matter.

“I have Tinder, I don’t expect to get anything out of it. Everyone seems to be on there to get dick or just … be creepy. I’m not opposed to having a relationship with someone. It’s just highly unlikely,” said a classmate of mine in the Radio and Television program.

From conversations I’ve had, dating apps seem to be a source of pumping up people’s vanity more than anything. Going back to, they’ve calculated that 52 per cent of online daters admitted that dating apps have made them more judgmental of people’s looks.

Tinder, for example, requires you to make a lot of snap judgments. I doubt you’re going through all of someone’s pictures, let alone their profiles. There is no carefully thought out decisions before a swipe or conversation on dating apps, just a lot of “oh they’re hot,” “hey, you up?” or cheesy pick-up lines. was the first sign of online dating, which started in 1995. Most online dating sites have a good ratio for finding relationships but they cost money. That doesn’t work for a student. We’ve now evolved into exhausting our fingers swiping on our smartphone.

This perception can be broken, because love comes in all different forms from all different places. Dating apps prevent you from trying to find love on a crusty red bull and Jägermeister stained dance floor, which again isn’t bad.

Ending the perception surrounding Tinder starts with universally accepting that meeting people online is OK and that almost everyone does it. Being on a dating site or app doesn’t make that person exactly like everyone else on there, so that’s one less snap judgment you have to make while we end the “we just want to bang” mentality of using dating apps.

– Tre Lopushinsky, Sports Co-Editor

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