Crystal Christmas Gift Guide

by | Dec 3, 2021 | Arts & Life

By Destiny Meilleur

Buying Christmas gifts can be challenging. Crystals are a fun way to give someone something to help their life, that is both pretty and great to put on display in the house. Below is The NAIT Nugget’s Crystal Shopping Guide for the Holidays.


Photo via Charms of Light

Carnelian crystals are known to help with gaining confidence and bravery. Carnelian is believed to help keep illness and plague away. The Carnelian crystal symbolizes joy, warmth and energy. Carnelian is known for being the stone of courage, leadership, energy, endurance and motivation.


Photo via The Crystal Garden

Citrine is believed to have energy that can help healing mental or physical ailments. It is also known to attract wealth. Citrine is a symbol of romance, happiness and prosperity. In recent years, people have come to believe that Citrine symbolises freshness, vitality, new beginnings, emotional well-being and mental clarity.

Tiger’s Eye-

Photo via Canada

Tiger’s Eye promotes vitality. This stone is good for helping overcome emotional blocks and is great at attracting wealth. Tiger’s Eye can help change negative feelings into more positive ones. It can also help attach positive energy to people’s lives.

Green Aventurine-

Photo via Healing Crystals

Green Aventurine provides courage, confidence, and happiness. This crystal works as a motivator for people to get up and get what they want. This stone also helps people become more optimistic and believe in themselves more. When people see the change it can make in one person, others around them will likely follow in their footsteps.

Black Jasper-

Photo via Crystals Online

Black Jasper is a stone of protection. It can help ward off harmful energies, danger or bad spells. It will help you feel grounded, and can help focus your mind. This crystal is known to increase people’s motivation; emotionally, physically and spiritually. Black Jasper is great to use when practicing manifestation. The stone is cleansing emotionally, and brings in what people may need to overcome obstacles they face. It is known to bring positivity and good luck. Black Jasper has also been cited to relieve pain.

Rose Quartz-

Photo via LiveAbout

Rose Quartz is known as the crystal of unconditional love and healing. This crystal is believed to release vibrations of joy, love and emotional healing. It is good at strengthening relationships, and can encourage intimacy. Rose Quartz may help to suppress negative emotions, which can aid in dissolving disagreements or personal conflicts. It can help block nightmares and give a great night’s sleep. Heart issues, lung problems and kidney diseases are said to be stabilized by Rose Quartz.

When shopping for crystals this year, feel free to shop locally, focusing on small business crystal shops in the Edmonton Area, such as Ascendant Books or Where Faeries Live.

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