Come one, come all to NAIT!

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Mark your calendars, NAIT students. Open House is back! Bring your friends and family to NAIT and show them what this institution has to offer. Check out NAIT’s Open House on Friday Oct. 16 (9 a.m.-3 p.m.) and Saturday Oct. 17 (10 a.m.-3 p.m.).

Everything has free admission on both days and, of course, a free welcome package. There’s even free parking in designated spots for Open House visitors, so be sure to arrive early to take advantage of the limited parking.

If you decide to opt out of fighting for parking on campus, NAIT has the new LRT station located on Princess Elizabeth Avenue between Kingsway Garden Mall and NAIT’s South Learning Centre.

Worried you will get lost on NAIT’s campus? This year we have an interactive mobile map which can be accessed simply by going to The map shows exactly where you are on campus; this feature allows people to access exactly where they are on the NAIT campus in real time.

NAIT also has dozens of volunteers ready and waiting to help you out and, to top it all off, there is a map on the back of your open house program package, which is available at the doors. Campus maps are also posted at major entrances and campus areas to help you orient yourself on NAIT’s campus. Don’t forget that Friday and Saturday have tons of family friendly events, including a physics demonstration that will show fire and “ultra-cold liquids that freeze everything they touch” – no word on whether or not you can bring your Thanksgiving turkey leftovers for flash freezing. Or catch a NAIT men’s hockey game at 6 p.m. at the NAIT arena, women’s soccer at noon or men’s soccer at 2 p.m., all on Saturday. You can also examine a fully loaded ambulance at the North Lobby off 106 Street.

A social media contest has started and is running on Instagram until the Open House takes place. If contestants correctly guess the program featured in a photo, you can win great prizes that can include a $300 Ticketmaster gift card prize. Daily prizes are $10, so don’t miss out.

Other events such as the opportunity to be in a radio booth or try out art critiquing, a robotics competition and digital design displays are also available. Over 100 interactive exhibits and program displays will be presented. NAITSA clubs also have the opportunity to promote engagement on campus, with some clubs manning booths in the South Lobby and elsewhere to showcase the extracurricular activities available at NAIT.

The NAIT Students’ Association will also have a booth that will have food centre drop boxes for donations of non-perishable goods such as canned vegetables, soups, and pasta. Learn from a personal perspective from students and faculty about the rewarding career learning possibilities to help guide your experience as a future NAIT student. Both NAIT staff and students will be manning program area booths to give potential NAIT students a perspective on any program they are interested in. Go online at to see more about program specific information sessions, maps and donation needs.

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