CoD goes back to its roots

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Call of Duty is back once again this season with a brand-new title. Developers Sledgehammer Games have decided to bring the game back to its roots, in the form of Call of Duty: World War II. The series is once again boots-on-the-ground action. Fans have cried out desperately for the return of this. People were sick of the jet packs and future like combat over the last three years. In this review I’ll be going over the campaign, multiplayer and zombies.

The stage is already set for the campaign, with the plot taking place during late WWII. Players take the role of Ronald “Red” Daniels, a soldier in the U.S. Army, with the Western European theatre of war being the main focal point. The campaign starts you off with the historical invasion of Normandy. It’s a rather chilling start and will send goosebumps down your spine. Emotions are high throughout the story, as the users see the horrors of war. It really gives you a glimpse from a soldier’s perspective. As the Americans, you fight your way through France, ultimately leading the way into Germany. For the most part it follows the events of Operation Overlord in the Second World War.

Multiplayer is the bread and butter of Call of Duty. In this year’s rendition things have changed. Sledgehammer has introduced something new and unique to
the series. The headquarters mode gives the player the chance to interact with others. It’s almost like a mini MMORPG. Somewhat like Destiny, where players have a small hub to hang around.

The gameplay is fluid and almost feels like the original Black Ops. They’ve added a lot more depth to the multiplayer. Divisions have replaced classes. Each division has its own perks. For example, the infantry division has a bayonet, whereas the airborne type gives you a suppressor. Sledgehammer has essentially redone everything in the multiplayer. This gives all users, new and old somewhat of a learning curve. One of the negatives though is the spawn system. With the map layout, you could have enemies spawning anywhere. This also depends on the game mode you’re playing. A new mission based mode has been introduced. War is an attack and defend game mode, with no time or score limit. Overall the multiplayer is different from other years, and is a little bit more balanced.

Zombies have returned once again. The co-operative mode everyone loves hasn’t changed much. It’s a bit more story driven. Plus, it features all new crazy monster zombies. They can be huge and hard to tackle. One difference is the speed of the game is faster. So, no crazy changes to zombies, with story being the biggest inclusion.

Overall, this Call of Duty is fantastic. I rate it an 8 out of 10. Compared to the last couple of years, it’s safe to say CoD is back.

– Matthew Wozniak

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