Clubs and Wellness

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By George Hong

NAIT has 96 active campus clubs and students are able to start their own club by following the required steps on the NAIT Students’ Association website.

Clubs Support Specialist, Laura Hebert, educates students how to start a club, advertise to increase membership and apply for event funding. The Campus Clubs office has an open door policy and is located at E-125 near the NAITSA office. Walk-ins are welcome.

“We want to help students develop a campus culture, expand their interests, and discover new friends,” said Hebert.

Jasmine Khanam, Campus Clubs Coordinator, believes there are significant benefits to being a registered club. Campus Clubs will
provide resources, including; equipment, funding, promotional opportunities and access to meeting spaces and event rooms.

“We are here to foster students’ creativity and their ability to connect to other students,” said Khanam.

Panharith In is the President of the International Students Club that has 458 members and is the largest club on campus. The International Students Club will accept all students both foreign and local. In believes that having members from all walks of life helps the international students interact with locals and creates a more vibrant and diverse community.

“Being part of the leadership team helps me apply and practice the management skills I learned in the BBA program,” said In.

“Involvement in a club at the
executive level is reflected on the student’s transcript, which showcases your extracurricular participation in the student community” said Khanam.

In believes that joining any club makes you a part of a community that can provide support or help break the monotony of school, midterms, papers and exams. In himself is part of four other clubs: Accounting Club, Soccer Club, Enactus Club and Skating Club.

The International Students Club hosts many events for their large member base. One upcoming event is a wine and cheese charity event on Nov. 23 in the North Lobby. All proceeds from the event are donated to mental health and eating disorder initiatives. The event will feature a bar serving wine, catered food, DJs, art from Humans of Edmonton and other entertainment. Tickets are $25 and are sold on Eventbrite.

Photo Source: Unsplash, Priscilla Du Preez

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