Club feature: Gamers of Dungeons and Dragons

by | Nov 30, 2022 | Web Archive

NAIT hosts many clubs around campus, from technology to marketing. One club aims to go beyond that with settings of epic battles in lands unknown. They create stories that are interactive in almost every way, with like-minded people shaping the story together. Gamers of Dungeons and Dragons is a long-running NAITSA clu,  hosting games for players new and old. The club meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and players can come to create, play and craft characters in the TableTop Role Playing Game (TTRPG) focused group. 

TTRPGs have been a time-old pastime for many who enjoy freeform storytelling, long overarching plots and fun interesting combat encounters. In Dungeons and Dragons, players build a character from scratch with nothing but pen and paper. Players of all ages and backgrounds become a party, dropping into a theatre of the mind made by a Dungeon Master. The draw for many new and older players is the amazing freedom it can bring, like becoming a 7-foot-tall Dragonborn, clad in armour, wielding a mighty axe for the faith of your god. 

After being cooped up by the recent COVID-19 restrictions, the Gamers of Dungeons and Dragons club, like many others, were unable to commit to in-person sessions. This makes it an excellent time for new players to meet up for four hours to learn and create as a group. President of the club, Gray Killian-Golding, explains that the organization goes past just Dungeons and Dragons. Pathfinder [First Edition], Call of Cthulu, Warhammer Inquisition and Shadowrun are just a few of the options they have. 

Currently, they are running a Pathfinder game plus starting a TTRPG Pokemon campaign. Gray did mention that player counts vary from eight to 15 but welcomes both experienced and new players to join. The club can be found on Ooks Life, so pop in to see what fantastical world awaits. 

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