City offers rec deal to NAIT

by | Jan 29, 2015 | Web Archive

A new year leads to new deals for NAIT students, courtesy of the NAIT Students’ Association. NAIT students can now enjoy tremendous discounts at all City of Edmonton recreational facilities – 20 per cent off on monthly and annual passes and 15 per cent off on daily passes.

NAITSA President Hasib Baig signed the landmark deal on Jan. 14, only a week after students returned from the Christmas break, though students may not yet be aware of the deal.

So how does a NAIT student take advantage of these discounts? As an expansion of the City of Edmonton’s popular Corporate Wellness program, students simply need to identify themselves by showing their NAIT student ID at purchase in any City of Edmonton recreational facility. No sign up, e-mails or forms required. As one of only two post-secondary institutions in the city to be offered this deal, NAIT students are being given even more choice in their personal fitness goals.
However, there is need for a brief reminder for students before they start jumping on the bandwagon of discounts. Included in most students’ tuitions is a recreational fee which students must pay each semester. It usually works out to around $70 a term and is an unavoidable fee in order to attend NAIT. This fee is, of course, to access and enjoy NAIT’s own recreation facilities on campus, including the swimming pool, exercise room and squash courts. Asked whether he was concerned about students choosing between NAIT’s facilities and the city’s, Hasib said: “I think the NAIT students who prefer NAIT’s facilities will continue to use them, but this deal opens options and increases accessibility for students.”
Although NAITSA has secured the contract, it would appear that NAIT students haven’t yet received the news. A quick trip down to NAIT’s recreational facilities showed no decrease in activity and most students asked were not aware of the new discount deal.

When asked if NAITSA should promote the new discounts, Ismail Atique, a Civil Engineering Technology student, replied: “Yes they should, because I was totally unaware of it.”
When asked if he thought the new discounts would affect his use of NAIT facilities, Ismail explained, “Somewhat, yeah, [but] the only reason I wouldn’t use NAIT facilities would be because of the size. I would definitely pay for the privilege of using a larger or better facility.”

Ismail’s sentiment seems to be shared by NAIT staff as well, as the recreational facilities do not appear to show any signs of decreased activity. Luc Lefebvre, a gym co-ordinator at the Sports Equipment Centre, simply states, “We do not see any potential decreases in student use of NAIT facilities.”

With the traditional January rush of New Year’s resolutions filling up facilities across the city, perhaps there is no need to be concerned about which facilities students choose to use.

Whether you choose to use NAIT’s fitness facilities, or take advantage of City discount, personal fitness is something every student needs to keep in mind. With the cheap college food (ramen and pizza is not just a stereotype, it’s a lifestyle) and high levels of stress faced by students, physical activity is good for the mind, body and soul.

So whatever your plan, and whatever your location, staying happy and healthy through personal fitness should be the real savings!

By Nicolas Brown

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