Chasing the elusive bicep

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Who wants the biggest natural arms in the world? I know I want some mountainous peaks (top of the bicep), that enlarge every time I point at something or grab a slice of pizza. You may even be able to eat that pizza and still flash your strength through those new grown biceps. Here are some exercises that will help you build your biceps.

The four exercises below will be best for mass building:

Standing Barbell Curl: This workout is known as the “greatest bicep workout in the world” so it must work, right? Biceps are mainly used for elbow flexion, which means a movement to decrease the joint angle between surfaces of the body. A curl is the best workout to stimulate that bicep. All you need for this workout is a barbell.

Hold the bar straight out in front of you towards to floor with a shoulder-width

Curl the weight toward your chest. Keep your elbows and back locked in place (throw away the key).

When the bar reaches your chest, flex those biceps as hard as you can, which will help you get the best bicep pump.

As you bring the weight back down towards the floor, try to resist the bar by bringing it down slowly.


One-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl: If the main reason you are reading about this workout is because I said you can have “mountainous peaks” on your arms, you’re really going to want to do this one. This workout will turn those chicken cutlet biceps you have into some premium mount St. Helen biceps you may want. All you need is a dumbbell and a can-do attitude for this one.

Most gyms will have a specific bench for this workout called a preacher bench. Hold that dumbbell with an underhand grip over the top of the bench, while locking that elbow in place, kind of like what you will do with the phone number of that cutie you’ve been thinking about.

Slowly curl the dumbbell towards the shoulder of the arm currently holding the dumbbell.


Incline Dumbbell Curl: This workout won’t need as much weight when lifting. This workout will help you achieve full range of motion while getting a maximum stretch. Keep that form strict. All that’s needed is a dumbbell.

Lay back on an incline bench, with each hand extended towards the floor holding a dumbbell.

Think of your favourite food that you will get to take a bite of once your hands are near your face.

Make sure to turn your wrists as the imaginary food is raised.

Become disappointed that it wasn’t a cheeseburger and slowly return to starting

Be happy because you’re working out hard on those biceps and didn’t take a bite out of the dumbbell.


(Thor’s) Hammer Curls: These are called hammer curls but I just threw in Thor because it sounds
pretty badass. This is not a workout strictly for the biceps, but will help gain overall size. Hammer curls will develop the lower bicep area. WARNING: Do not think about your evil brother Loki or you might end up hurling a dumbbell.

Have your elbows fixed at your sides. Palms facing towards one another.

Curl the dumbbells up, imagine that one day you could possibly be an Avenger like Chris Hemsworth.

Lower dumbbells slowly.


Aim for three sets of 12 reps on all workouts. Keep repeating this workout and you will be closer and closer to some Arnold Schwarzenegger arms in no time.

– Tre Lopushinsky, Sports Co-Editor

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