Canadian delivery company signs deal with Walmart

by | Sep 8, 2021 | News

Ghost Kitchen Brands is a food delivery focused business that provides already established brands for delivery and at some sit down locations.

The director of marketing of Ghost Kitchen Brands, Susi Graf further explains the concept. “Our goal is to actually serve brands that people can’t get anywhere else. We’re sort of like a food court, a virtual food court,” said Graf.

They originated back in 2016 with locations in Edmonton and Ontario. It started with their founder, George Kottas, accidentally leaving the phone lines open and noticing that a lot of people wanted food delivered after the restaurants had already closed.

“People don’t generally realize this but most of the delivery service actually happens late at night after seven. During the day there’s not much delivery,” said Graf. The founder, Kottas noticed this trend and incorporated brands people already trust that were not available in all locations. Offering late night delivery with a variety of brands from Slush Puppy to Cheesecake Factory.

“Anyone can order from any one of our brands and get it in one order in one bag, one delivery,” said Graf. What started off as a small Canadian business is now expanding even more. They have currently signed a deal with Walmart implementing their locations where some McDonald used to be and are still growing. “With the recent Covid situation, consumer trends have changed quite a bit. Everyone’s a lot more accepting of ordering food and getting it delivered and not eating in a location, which are all really great trends for us,” said Graf.

If you are looking to order from Ghost Kitchen Brands they can be found on any third party delivery app as well as their website

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