Camaraderie may be key

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Last season was a difficult pill to swallow for the Ooks men’s volleyball team, with a consolation semifinal loss to the Briercrest Clippers and a seventh place finish in the ACAC.

Hopefully with a chip on their shoulders they can get to an elite level. Though being a student athlete may present its challenges, these men are determined to fight hard this season as well as keeping academics in mind.

“I can’t say for sure what our season has in store but I’m certainly looking forward to it,” said Spencer Fisher, a third-year veteran. The team has a lot of young talented rookies coming in, which will benefit them this season and for the seasons to come. Fisher himself recalls being a rookie and when asked why he’s returned for his third season said the atmosphere is addicting and that he generally enjoys the game.

Fisher had played volleyball all through his high school career in Barrhead, then continued his athletic career into an organized club. Now, Fisher continues his volleyball career as an Ook. The men have learned to play off each other over the years, which is one of best qualities of this team.

Fisher also has high hopes for the team this year. “

We have a really good group of rookies coming in as well as a good group of veteran players to play with and hopefully everything goes well.”

When you join a sports team, there is a special bond created between you and your teammates. The athletes, especially the senior athletes, encourage the future generations to join sports teams at NAIT, not only to get the experience of being on a high-performing team but to get the experience of working with others.

The coaches also encourage young athletes to play for NAIT, even college sports in general. Balancing the life of being a student and an athlete can be tough. Being able to have the resources of a coaching staff that care about not only your athletics but your school work is tremendous within this lifestyle too.

t’s good to hear the Ooks volleyball squad has a supportive network within the locker room. When you join a new team, it’s like joining a family.

Oct. 13 marks the first game of the Ooks men’s volleyball season against the Concordia Thunder. Hopefully this camaraderie amongst the team members should prove as a helpful tool to get this Ooks team to the top of the ACAC.

– Sarah Mitchell

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