Brewers Chase Their Passion Through Adversity

by | Dec 4, 2020 | Arts & Life

Located in South Edmonton, Town Square Brewing Co. is a hotspot for local beer lovers with rotating taps and new brews all the time. Boasting more than a spot for food and drink, but an experience, they are a great pick up either in store, online or at the local liquor depot.

Brandin Boutin, one of three owners of the brewery, graduated from the Steamfitter/Pipefitter program in 2005.

How has NAIT impacted your life?

I would say NAIT gave me the skills to just keep pushing forward as an entrepreneur and troubleshooting challenges. Having a pipe fitting, steam fitting, gas fitting background through NAIT obviously helped me in the brewery, on the mechanical hands-on side of it.

Then also for myself, taking project management, operations management that’s helped on the operation side developing those skills and utilizing them.

Beer pizza Town Square Brewing

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What has been the best advice you have received?

Pursue your dream, don’t pursue a wage. The higher the risk, the greater return. Chase your passions and your dreams, and everything else will follow from there.

You might not make millions and millions of dollars right away, or ever, but at least you’ll wake up in the morning and be excited to go in and do what you want.

Developing and growing your own business or pursuing a career that you’re passionate about–it’s a lot easier to get up for that and not just for the dollar signs.

How has COVID-19 affected Town Square Brewing?

I’ve got a few more gray hairs. Taught us to break out of our comfort zone for sure. The word that keeps coming up is pivot, pivoting and moving really fast, being on our feet and not getting complacent.

We’ve expanded into online marketing and online stores and e-commerce business. We have reached out further into our region, not just within Edmonton, but in central Alberta, southern Alberta. Moving on a little bit into BC to kind of help diversify and get out there more and then just obviously, you know, refining to ensure cash flow is closely watched.

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