Being Single

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We’re in the midst of another long semester. Homework is piling up, it’s freezing outside and the Oilers suck again. You believe, however, that these aren’t the worst of your problems. The worst problem is that you are single.

The business of college as well as jobs and other extra-curricular activities tend to keep college students out of the dating game, especially in our dorm-less school. The college life can be lonely quite often, which has lead you to look for a partner.

What we don’t tend to realize, is that being single is okay too.

Since you’re in college you get a fresh start on life. Why restrict yourself by committing to a relationship? Those things take sacrifice, time, money, and patience. Studies have shown that single people often live more fulfilled lives as well. Holding onto everything you give away in a relationship can lead to a much better social life, a better future and a lot more spending money (movie dates are pretty pricy).

Those aren’t the only benefits to being single. Because if you’re a college student, you are probably in your sexual prime. Rather than restricting yourself, try downloading a greasy “dating” app and get to work. There’s no need when you’re in college to be thinking about long- term relationships or anything along those lines. It’s time to get busy.

I came to the conclusion that being single was way better after my last relationship ended. It hurt for a few days, but after that I revelled in the freedom of being my own person again. Even if I had a fully supporting partner, as a man, as a sexual being, I felt grounded. Now, I’m not saying to go and break-up with anyone you’re with right now, even though you’re likely single if you’re reading this anyways, because it’s all about what makes you happy. If being in a relationship is what makes you happy, so be it. I’m not going to be responsible for any break- ups. I’m just saying, next time you’re single just think about it.

Even when you’re single, you’re not alone. There are plenty of people around Canada, Alberta, Edmonton and NAIT that have so much more love to give. Just because you’re not in a relationship does not mean you can’t love and be loved. I once heard the rapper J.Cole saying that chasing money, success, cars, women, will have you chasing forever, because you will never have enough. Placing your values on love and appreciation will lead to much more happiness, because there is always more than enough to go around.

And always make sure to love yourself.

Never forget that you are an amazing person, a true one of a kind. No one will ever be able to take that away from you. So before you try to love others, learn to love yourself, because that is one relationship that is strong enough to never break.

So while you’re in college, go chase all your goals. Free yourself of any restriction. Have a lot of sex. Find some great friends, and show love to everyone on an everyday basis, you will receive plenty back. Love yourself. Be single, and be proud.

– Connor Toffan

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