Ask the Editors: Best Weekend Getaways

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Arts & Life, Uncategorized

What is your favourite weekend getaway?

Danielle Fuechtmann, Editor-in-Chief

I adore a nice weekend at home but recently my friends and I have been doing mini trips more often. We recently took a jaunt out to Bon Accord for a corn maze and farmers’ market and drove through some of the small towns in the area. The weather was lovely, we loaded up a playlist of our favourite songs and spent the afternoon enjoying the open road and discovering small town delights – we even stumbled across a town-wide garage sale!

Brendan Chalifour, Entertainment Editor

I usually find my weeks so overbooked and busy, that planning and packing for a getaway really seems like a lot of extra work. My favourite getaway is really a staycation and visiting with family and friends, a new park or cafe or exploring a new walking trail.

Nicolas Brown, Issues Editor

I’ve honestly never been one for weekend getaways. With school, work, and volunteer commitments – time is not on my side. However, after spending an entire Sunday driving to Jasper and back, here’s my point of view. In Canada, we kind of get the short straw on “true” weekend getaways. Everything is so spread out, if you want a worthwhile trip to Jasper or Banff you need a long weekend, in my opinion. Although they’re definitely worth the trek, I don’t consider them ideal or my favourite for a getaway location.

My favourite past weekend getaway? Two years ago while studying in Europe, my group went to Peschiera del Garda on a day trip during one of our weekend breaks. In less time than it takes to get to West Edmonton Mall on the bus, we got to the lake by train. It was a fantastic weekend relaxation opportunity. That’s my ideal weekend getaway, one I wish we had regular access to in Alberta (and not just for a month or two during the summer at Alberta Beach).

 Connor O’Donovan, Sports Editor

I love weekend-warrior style roadies out to Jasper and Banff. Those are my go-to two-day getaways. (Editors are allowed to disagree). Whether it be to hike in the summer, snowboard in the winter, camp, canoe, kayak, snowshoe, bike, climb, eat, drink or party, the parks always have something for the rugged outdoorsy types like me.

This photo of Elk Island National Park is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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