Are people scared of dying?

by | Mar 29, 2023 | Opinion

As the absolute height of the unknown, death is undoubtedly the reason for some people’s fear. Even though it is a natural process of life, many individuals become hostages to it, fearing everything related to death. 

“I feel sorry for dying, not afraid of it,” said Chico Anysio, a famous Brazilian comedian, shortly before he died in 2012. “Because dying, I won’t see my grandchildren growing up,l” he sums up his opinion. I share Anysio’s point of view. 

I don’t fear death because I accept it will come to everyone one day. There is a phrase I keep repeating to myself: “To die, just be alive.” Why not live my life intensely until my day comes? However, some people think differently. 

“I think I’m afraid of dying mostly because no one knows what it entails. I’ve heard many people theorize that when we die, it’s just like being in a coma or asleep, so it’s not the pain that comes with dying that I’m afraid of but more so the thought of being trapped alone in a coma for eternity,” said Danielle McClements, a Radio student at NAIT. 

Paulo Vasconcelos, a Materials Engineering Technology student at NAIT, admitted that he fears death because he wants to have a successful career and provide for a family.

A NAIT student who wanted to be kept anonymous had an interesting view.  Despite being afraid of death, she is religious and believes she will be welcome in heaven. 

The fear of death is not a consensus. But then again, one thing that is common sense among people is that we’re all going to die, and that’s part of life. 

“I honestly fear immortality more than death. It’s a natural thing. Things are created or born, and at some point, they die. I’ve always found the idea of reincarnation super cool, but that’s the most I think about,” said Abby Cunningham, a TV student at NAIT. “I hope that I live a long, happy life, and one day when that comes to an end, my biggest hope is that I die knowing I lived a full, happy life,” she explained.  

I believe that the more you care for yourself, mentally and physically, the more prepared you will be to exist. A fear of death is expected. To some extent, we all fear the end. 

However, not letting this fear take moments from our life is essential. It’s no use being afraid of death and afraid of living at the same time.

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