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By Karlie Mickanuik

Horoscopes: maybe you read them in passing or maybe you check if Mercury is still in Retrograde every morning. Either way, everyone has checked out their star sign reading at some point.

screenshot from app Co-Star

Photo by Karlie Mickanuik

Co-Star is a free daily horoscope app that describes in depth a person’s zodiac sign and compatibility with others. Co-Star is advertised as hyper-personalized horoscopes and how astrology will make its mark in the 21st century.

Co-Star uses a mix of NASA technology and artificial intelligence, all interpreted by human astrologers, to better understand each Zodiac sign.

Using the positions of the stars, planets and moons, Co-Star can better understand how a person loves, reacts to situations and thinks. This technology is also used to take a snapshot of the sky at the time a person was born and compares it to where the planets and stars currently are. Then Co-Star astrologists read these pictures and determine your horoscope for a specific day.

Upon first opening the app you are asked to type the town and exact time, to the minute if you can, that you were born. From there you will get daily updates of your horoscope with a “Day at a Glance” notification every day that offers a quote of wisdom or advice the app thinks you might need that day.

Co-Star offers a quick look at your astrological updates which includes giving insight into what a person has power, pressure or trouble in.

screenshot from app Co-Star

Photo by Karlie Mickanuik

For example, the app can tell if you’re powerful in your social life, sex, love and creativity, pressure in work and trouble with self. These statistics change every day, along with the position of the stars and planets.

For those that want a deeper analysis of their Zodiac sign, Co-Star also offers an in-depth view of what your astrology chart looks like. The app explains the parts of a star chart for those who want to learn more about astrology.

The app also explains in depth why you feel power, pressure or trouble in parts of your life. You can add friends on the app to see parts of their horoscope and how compatible you are.

All the information can be overwhelming but is a great tool for someone who wants to learn more about astrology and the zodiac signs. You can also add your friends through their phone number or Facebook account to check out what their star sign says about them.

screenshot from app Co-Star

Photo by Karlie Mickanuik

The app also lets you know if your friends have a similar reading to you.

The app itself is laid out in a very clean and smooth manner. The app has no colour to it and even puts a black and white filter on your profile picture. There are artful images and pictures that clutter the screen adding a sense of personality to the app. The images range from spiders to interesting piles of rocks which catches a scroller’s eye.

Co-Star is available on all types of smartphones where horoscope lovers can take advantage of a free, daily horoscope reading.

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