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Raise your hand if you’re a sports fan. Maybe not literally depending on where you are, but good to know either way. If you raised your hand, then you’re in for a treat. The World’s First Sports Stock Market (All Sports Market) was recently launched. Still have your attention? Good. With ASM sports traders across the world can compete against each other to win cash. You can trade your favourite sports teams, including NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA with dividend payouts after each win. ASM is essentially the NASDAQ of sports.

Now, we all know how important sports is and the impact it has in our lives. ASM just recently launched baseball since spring training has sprung. Not a baseball fan? Not a problem. Football will be launching in August, and hockey and basketball will launch in September as the seasons start up.

For all the fans out there, I doubt an intro is needed for this, but hear me out. Ex-NHL Star Bernie Nicholls, is the ASM spokesman and a big supporter of investing in your team’s performance rather than simply betting on them. “I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want to feel like they own a piece of their favorite team,” says Nicholls. For those of you unfamiliar with Nicholls, he finished his career averaging over a point per game and was able to tally 70 goals and 150 points in the 88-89 season alone -numbers unheard of in today’s game.

It’s a pretty neat idea seeing that since you already watch your favourite team, why not invest in them as well. That is now a reality, thanks to ASM. The limit is $2500 per year, per trader so you can’t go too crazy. “The yearly limit is in place so that nobody comes in and losses their kid’s college fund,” says Nicholls. “Sports traders across the world can invest in the sports teams they love and even the ones they don’t.”

For all of you smartphone lovers such as myself, ASM comes in an app form, and best of all, it’s free. You can also visit to register for free and use the free training platform to learn how to trade performance based sports stocks. Once you are ready, you can make a deposit and begin purchasing shares in MLB teams.

I know for sure I will be getting this app. And you probably didn’t notice, but I also raised my hand, too.

Faryal Bashir

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