Activities Planned for Bell Let’s Talk Day

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NAIT is setting up activities in the CAT Building tomorrow for Bell Let’s Talk Day. From 11:30-1:00 students will be able to use a photo booth to help donate to the yearly mental health fundraising campaign. Also set up for students will be cookies, massage chairs, and a “chill zone” a place which is meant to have a laid back atmosphere.

The biggest push is their “Talking Tables” which will have counsellors and others to facilitate a conversation about wellness. Alongside will be NAIT’s registered dietitian who will talk about recipes and the types of foods that help with mental wellbeing.

While the purpose of the event is to promote conversation about mental health and creating an environment for people to share, they don’t want people to feel pressured into talking. NAIT Counselling Services says it’s more about having a space to have these conversations.

“I think it’s important to understand as the NAIT community that mental health issues are common and that effective treatments are available,” said Stefanie Guillard, Counselling & Chaplaincy.

Mental health is a discussion everywhere on post-secondary campuses. Earlier this week The Rossy Family Foundation announced a joint donation with Bell Let’s Talk for a $1,000,000 national standard for Canadian universities and colleges.

It’s the second year in a row NAIT has activities planned coinciding with Bell Let’s Talk Day. Last year, the mental health initiative aimed at ending the stigma raised over $6.5M dollars.

Every time the hashtag #BellLetsTalk is used on Twitter, each video view on social media, and every picture taken with their filter will be a five cent donation.

Michael Menzies, Senior Editor

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