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By George Hong

The students of the Architectural Technology Program (ARC) at NAIT aim to acquire real-world skills to launch a career in the design or engineering field. The ARC Diploma graduates can enter the workforce immediately or transition into a Bachelor of Technology at NAIT, specializing in either Technology Management or Construction Management.

Chair of Architectural Technology Sharleen Steinhauer

Sharleen Steinhauer, Chair of Architectural Technology, states that the program accepts between 90-110 students each year. This tight knit group of ARC students work closely with students from the Interior Design Technology and Landscape Architectural Technology programs to encourage co-operation among departments. Steinhauer explains that these relationships mirror real life working conditions within the construction design industry.

Steinhauer has been an instructor at NAIT for 11 years and has taken the additional responsibility of chair for the past four years.

“[A NAIT ARC diploma] prepares our students to pursue a variety of career paths,” said Steinhauer.

Possible job opportunities include architecture, engineering, and design-oriented firms; technical/managerial positions with various contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers; or the public sector including education and government.

Architectural Technology Program Student Allie Limamy

NAIT Nugget: Why did you choose your program?
Allie Limamy: “I took design studies in high school and really enjoyed it. I explored other options but I kept coming back to architecture.”

NN: Which class did you enjoy the most and why?
AL: “Most of my instructors have been great but in Bruce Tuchson’s Intro to Construction Documents and Detailing class he made us hand draw our work instead of doing it on the computer and I really enjoyed that. Andre Lucena teaches Fundamentals of Design and he’s so passionate about what he is talking about! It’s a great class because it lets me explore my artistic side and Andre is great at encouraging creativity.”

NN: What advice would you give a new student in your program?
AL: “I think getting to know your instructors is an amazing asset. You’ll learn better, be more comfortable asking questions, and won’t be afraid to ask for one-on-one help if you need it.”

Architectural Technology Program Student Justin Kim

NAIT Nugget: What point in the program are you?
JK: “I’m in my first year, first semester, and first month.”

NN: What class do you like the most so far?
JK: “AutoCAD class is the coolest because it’s fun to use the program to design models of buildings on the computer.”

NN: What advice would you give to a new Architecture student?
JK: “It costs a lot of money so start saving. Also, get ready to learn the history of architects and draw a lot of interesting shapes in the first semester.”

NN: Besides tuition and books what additional costs are there?
JK: “You need to have a good laptop with certain specs which costs around $2,000. Also there’s a bundle of supplies from a store off-campus called Delta Art & Drafting Supply. It costs about $150 and it’s required for the program. It comes with a self-healing mat board, different coloured markers, a knife, a ruler, and some colouring pencils.”

NN: Why did you choose Architecture Technology program at NAIT?
JK: “Well I wanted to start with a shorter diploma and this one is only two years. But I’m really into fitness so I was thinking about a Kinesiology degree so I could become a chiropractor or personal trainer.”

Photo Source: NAIT

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