A New Outlook For Women’s Basketball

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Sports, Uncategorized

By Kaytlyn Poberznick

The Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference have postponed the fall sports schedule until January, and Ooks Women’s Basketball team is trying to find positive outlooks for what lies ahead.

This is not the season the team wanted, but it’s the season they’ve got.

Carly McHarg, a veteran forward entering her fourth year of eligibility, and new Ook’s member Bella Robertson are both trying to find ways to approach this season with optimism.

“I hope lots of positives come out of being able to focus and work on different skills,” said McHarg, the second top scorer for the team’s last season with 10.6 points a game.

The Women Ooks are utilizing this time to find creative ways of growing their foundation as a team and gain new skills. They’re taking advantage of the months without games to advance the player’s strengths and to help the rookies adjust to the speed of collegiate basketball.

“Because of the ease in pace this season, it gives me more time to get used to the style of play,” remarked Robertson, a standout guard from Devon, AB.

Taking every step with precaution and understanding the safety of the rest of the team is crucial in making sure there is a chance for a season in January. Knowing that basketball could be cancelled abruptly has left some players with a different mentality going into practice.

“[There is] an extra drive to work in practice because I know it could be shut down at any time,” said Bella.

With months of being separated from the court, players have gained new outlooks not only for basketball, but as a person. Having time to step back and look at the bigger picture has helped them realize what’s important.

“I definitely had the chance to mature over the break,” said Roberston, with a wise remark.

“As long as basketball is happening it’s all worth it.”

Although this season isn’t ideal, there are definite benefits to having an extended preseason. Some benefits won’t be known until later on in the year, but until that comes there are still many bright faces ready to play basketball in any way possible.

“I would definitely choose to have a regular season,” said McHarg.

“But being able to work and improve my skills is nice.”

This year is definitely marching into unknown territory, but with the optimistic attitudes of the NAIT Ooks there is definitely the expectation that this will be a season of growth and new experiences.

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