600 Million Raised for Mens Health

by | Nov 23, 2019 | News, Uncategorized

By Patrick Puff

The Canadian Cancer Society states that over 1,000 Canadian men will be diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2019. The Movember awareness campaign is encouraging young men to get checked as it is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in young men in Canada.

Movember is a fundraising and awareness campaign that began back in 2003. The campaign focuses on bringing awareness to men’s health including prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues.

Whether you join a team or decide to grow solo, the idea is simple but effective. Men shave their face on the first of the month and let their moustaches grow until December.

The simple nature of the campaign allows for easy community involvement. Even those who are not raising money on their own can easily show their support for the campaign by rocking a moustache for the month.

The moustaches provide a daily reminder for many to either donate or to bring awareness to the health of themselves or others around them.

The Movember website has extensive information on causes and symptoms around different mens health concerns. There are also multiple tips to help men stay safe and healthy.

The website provides information on how to complete a self-examination for early signs of cancer, or where to go for mental health aid.

To date, the Movember campaign has raised over $600 million dollars. The awareness and support the campaign provides has saved lives by encouraging men to get tested. Globally, over 9.9 million men are living with prostate cancer. Be sure to support those who are spreading awareness and talk to the men in your life about staying informed and healthy.

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