How much did it cost to play your sport?

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By: Alberto Villoga


“At NAIT it’s just the education you have to pay for. Not sure how much it cost grow- ing up because my parents wrote the cheque’s but it wasn’t too bad. School sports were a couple hundred dollars to play. Spring league basketball and Fall Ball wasn’t that expensive either. Gym memberships were the only thing I really had to pay for growing up.” -Sheldon Hausch


“For NAIT we have to pay for the team gear, but we did lots of fundraising so I only had to pay around $75. In the past it has been up to $300. Growing up I played club volleyball. It was pretty expensive due to purchasing gym time, travel, and team gear expenses.” -Winston Voogd


“I’ve been playing since I was 11. With NAIT the most I’ve paid was $300 for gear and meals for every trip we have. Growing up it was a little more pricey because I would pay around $500 to $600 with additional fees for traveling.” -Sam Gatera


“Growing up I played the highest levels you could in bantam and midget which was $6000 per year. My last year playing minor hockey was close to $20,000 which covered the amount of travelling the team did. Training is also covered by NAIT, but in the past my training outside of hockey was around $3000 a summer.” -Myah Mindus


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