3 dating tips gained from experience

by | Dec 5, 2022 | Opinion

When I was in my early 20s, I thought I had sophisticated and suave dating skills and that it was those damn dames that were the problem. I was so wrong! Reaching out to some experts and combining some advice of my own, I have some tips that can help you if you are seeking someone.

  1. Learn to clean and cook

Seriously, I should not be writing this tip but people love someone who can cook. It is not that hard to take a cooking class or watch a youtube video. As the old saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, which really just applies to everyone. Everyone loves tasty food. 

Clean your place. My grandmother always said, “Keep your place clean; you never know when the Queen might visit” But both of them are dead, and I will never let King Philip in my place. But I have been in the homes of many college students, and they’re disgusting. Stop watching “The Simpsons” reruns, pick up some Lysol wipes and toss out the trash. Fruit flies can happen from the bad luck of picking up a lousy bag of potatoes but if they are still present after two weeks, wait to invite anyone over.

“If you’re bringing your partner to your house for the first time, please do some basic cleaning and overall make an effort to make the environment comfortable for them. It shows them that you care about them and also that you’re able to be a functioning adult.”

House visitor
  1. Ask your friends of the gender you are seeking for advice

Seriously, ask your friends of the gender you are seeking for advice about yourself. It will hurt your feelings, open wounds and make you angry. It sucks, but your friends care about you and will help you to become a better person.

  1. Use proper terminology

 This an important lesson, use terms that make your partner feel like a human. Use the pet names they like; if they hate being called pumpkin, use another pet name they want. Calling people male and female makes them seem like high-class sex dolls. 

This is the most critical lesson: treat the object of your affection like they are wanted, like a prince or princess.

While there are many lessons to be learned from trial and error in dating, these should help you eliminate a few obvious ones.

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