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November 30, 2017

NAIT mini ooks

The next generation scores

Women’s hockey is not the most accessible thing in the world right now. Aside from the Olympics, women’s hockey doesn’t

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Jackson Jacobs

Jackson Jacob returns

The Ooks have a player back that helped propel the team into championship contention in his rookie year. Jackson Jacob

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bodybuilder grimacing

The mind matters, too

When I think of athletes, I think of humans being in incredible shape, being able to use their bodies to

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MSNBC morning joe

Making it, faking it

2017 has been more about news commentating on the bizarre and lucid state of the news than ever before. Of

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Life after nait

A guide for the future

For most current NAIT students, life after NAIT does not yet exist. NAIT’s International Centre and Alumni Relations have come

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NAIT it forward

100K raised for students

As the fall semester wraps up, many students may be feeling a time and monetary strain from attending school. Thanks

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Devfacto CEO, Chris Izquierdo

A CEO and his company

Chris Izquierdo is the CEO of DevFacto Technologies, a company: “dedicated to creating software humans love to use.” Specifically, they

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