Workout with Pokémon Go

by | Sep 1, 2016 | Sports, Uncategorized

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm since its launch on July 17. In approximately two weeks, the app had over 100 million downloads worldwide! One of the great benefits of the game is how it has managed to get people out of their homes on an adventure to capture Pokémon.

Amy Eversley, NAIT health and wellness co-ordinator, realized that the game has fantastic potential to increase your fitness while you’re filling your Pokédex and levelling up. She says that the benefit of the game is that you really have no choice but to get out and move!

Eversley notes that “walking is already an integral part of the game.” It requires movement to hatch eggs and find Pokemon but players have found that biking or travelling in a car is too fast to catch Pokémon. By walking, you’ll get a heads up on your Pokémon Go game as well as benefit your health.

She suggests starting out by walking and covering about 10 km each week and as you find this getting more comfortable, increase the pace and activity levels. Eversley encourages increasing the difficulty by jogging or running at a pace which permits you to maintain a conversation. Want more of a challenge? Eversley has developed a full-body workout that complements the walking with interval training exercises that will help you train yourself at the same time as you train your Pokémon!

Eversley’s entire workout is available on Techlife Today.

-Danielle S. Fuechtmann, Editor-in-Chief

Image via NAIT Techlife Today

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