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Wrestling with tragedy

By: Peter Go

Dudes like me ain’t suppose to talk about stuff like this. I’m about to hit y’all with some real shit.

Seeing someone happy doesn’t always mean they are happy.

Robin Williams or more recently, Anthony Bourdain. Both of those celebrities were the light of any room they walked into. They could captivate with their words, whether it was humorous or intellectual, but deep down inside, they were depressed.

“Depression is not a temporary change in mood or sign of weakness. It’s a real medical condition with many emotional, physical, behavioral and cognitive symptoms,” says the first line from

Depression, at its worst, will push the few to suicide. And suicide is something their family or friends rarely see coming, which is the tough part because it’s always someone everyone least

or she killed themselves? Really?

When someone close to you kills themselves it can steer your life compass off course and I know this because one of my best friends, Stefan Savoie, killed himself on New Year’s Day, 2011.

Imagine waking up on New Years Day to that phone call from his little sister, whose voice was filled with shock and sadness, letting you know your homie, took his own life. It can change you.

You can say after something like this happens that you are still the same person because you do the same things and act the same way. You still go out and still try to be the person you want to be but in the back of your mind you know.

do you tell someone this or not? Movember, this month is dedicated to letting guys know that it is indeed OK to talk about shitlike this.

Stefan’s death has made the bond between my friend Jason Derocco and I stronger. After Stefan, Jason and I went to high school together – we have always had each other back as Jason and I try to figure out why. At any time we can contact each other, we can send each other a message through whatever media platform and say what’s up?

But it doesn’t have to be a friend or someone you know if you see a stranger ora student in the hallway. Don’t be afraid to ask them, what’s up?

You never know, maybe you can change their battle with depression. People like expects, someone when they think – he And is it depression or not? As a man someone’s life with only two words.



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