I ALWAYS smoke after sex.

My relationship goal is to be married for 50 years or more.

Had sex listening to Pony by Ginuwine.

Was in a relationship with someone for more than 3 months but was never “official”

I’ve only ever had sex in VR

I have used goat skin condoms.

I’ve had an orgy.

Plan B has been plan A ...

I've Sent nudes via more than one social media outlet

I have 17 active sexual partners that are all best friends.

Had sex while a record was playing.

My boyfriend has longer hair then I do/ My hair is longer than my girlfriends.

I’ve had an STI scare.

I’ve hooked up with 2 matches on tinder in one day

I have rented a sex doll for the night and it the most connection I have ever felt.

I’ve sent a physical love letter.

I’ve had a threesome.

I’ve waxed my pubes (ouchie!)

I met my BF/GF online.

I’ve used google glasses to find out about my crush.

I’ve slept with someone that wears suspenders unironically.

Been to a swingers party.

I own at least one sex toy.

I have sexted

I’ve blown vape into my girlfriend’s butthole or my girlfriend has blown my vape into my butthole.

I’ve had to ride a horse to a booty call.

I’ve danced semi-nude at a music festival.

Done blow off someones tits or ass/ Had blow done off your tits or ass.

What decades does your sex life belong?
Doing-it do-whoop Square

You are the traditional type that likes to be seen as wholesome. Brought up to believe sex is not something to fuck with. You prefer your partner to look you in the eye while you make love. You value God, family and the right to own guns… but you won’t be shooting your load on a first date. Patience, planning and slow dances are how you start off your relationships. Here's to you finding your true love and taking it slow.
Free Lovin’ Flower Child

You are a free spirit that goes with the flow. Whether it’s streaking at midnight or going to your creepy neighbour Karen’s swinger party, you are open to new experiences. You can’t be tied down by anyone but sometimes like to be tied up. You are generous with your love but like a bird will fly away.
Rocking Retro Bang-er

Hardcore is your middle name, and you let people know it. You are intense and tend to show up at a lover's door at 2am after a night of going out dancing, singing and drinking. Instant gratification is the name of the game and in the wise words of Wayne & Garth “party on!”
Swiping Sad Sack

You delete and re-add Tinder a couple times a month, only to have the “great” person you’ve been talking to ghost you when it is time to actually meet. Lucky for you there are 10 other apps to digitally talk with people about all the crazy sex stuff you would like to do… and never really end up doing. Finally when you do meet up, they are either 25 pounds heavier than their filtered picture, or want to wear your skin to their birthday.
Future Artificial Lover

You have not seen your friends or family in person for years. In fact you have had no need to leave your small apartment where you live with Ashley, your robot girlfriend/ boyfriend made to look just the way you like. Ashley never says anything to piss you off, they never fart and loves only you… because they can’t leave. You have created the “perfect” life with no one to make you feel anything unwanted.

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