SEX QUIZ: Which Friends character are you?

friends tv show characters

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Based on your sex life, which Friends character are you?

This quiz contains strong language and sexual content which may not be suitable for minors. Readers discretion is advised.


I’ve accidentally gotten a woman pregnant.

I’ve watched porn for more than 24 hours in a row.

I’ve masturbated thinking about a dead person.

I’ve been dumped during sex.

I’ve walked in on my sibling having sex.

I’ve dated someone just because I was lonely, not because I liked them.

I’ve slept with someone to get a job.

I’ve fooled around with more than one friend in my friend group.

I don’t believe in monogamy.

I’ve dated or been in love with one of my employees.

I've masturbated to a headshot of myself.

I’ve orgasmed in public.

I’ve had sex in a museum, library or school.

I've asked my partner to wear their work uniform during sex.

I’ve eaten (food) during sex. (No pun intended).

I’ve made out with a friend of the same sex.

I’ve had to ask my friends for sex advice.

I’ve cheated on my significant other.

I’ve had a threesome.

I’ve been divorced.

I’ve tried to hit on my roommate.

I've made a move on a relative.

I’ve heard my roommate having sex – more than once.

I’ve used handcuffs during sex.

I’ve tricked someone into a romantic liaison.

I've stolen my best friend's crush or boyfriend.

I’ve thought about cleaning during sex.

I’ve dated a person from another country.

I’ve used crystals during sex.

I’ve been in love with my sibling’s best friend.

I’ve accidentally gotten pregnant.

I married my best friend.

I’ve left a man at the altar.

I will never have anal sex.

I’ve forgotten someone’s name after sleeping with them.

I’ve hit on a client or patient.

I’ve eaten food off someone’s naked body.

I will not have sex with sick people.

I’ve had sex in a public place.

My ex broke up with me because they were gay/lesbian.

I’ve had sexual dreams about my friend(s).

I’ve dated/slept with someone 20+ years older than me.

I’ve flashed someone to get something I want.

I've been the other woman/man.

SEX QUIZ: Which Friends Character are You?

Rachel Green friends tv show

Some think you’re a prude, and others think you’re too promiscuous. The truth is you like to follow your own rules. You don’t do what’s expected of you, and while forging your own path feels like a challenge sometimes, you’ve developed an intimate relationship with yourself that not many have. Though you have a habit of getting busy with partners for the wrong reasons, everyone you’ve met has had a profound impact on you. Keep focusing on yourself and the right one will come along.

Joey Tribbiani friends tv show character

Your two favourite things are sex and eating food – in that order. Sometimes it feels like those are the only two things you’re good at. You know how to get someone to go out with you, you know how to get them to come home with you, and you know how to keep them happy in bed. But you’re not exactly an intellect, and you know this holds you back in life. Fortunately, you’re a simple man, and by focusing on your career and friend group you’ll find your place.

Chandler bing friends tv show character sex

You’re not exactly the sweetest of the bunch. You forget sexual partner’s names, you use too much sarcasm on a date, and you have many rules surrounding who you will and won’t date. You don’t exactly have the luxury to be picky–though you still are. You’ve had to enlist the help of your buds to get your bedroom skills up to par, but unfortunately you’re currently single and have no one to practice with. Keep your focus on those who matter most and everything will fall into place.

Which character is your sex life Monica Geller

You’re extremely caring, you will do anything for your family or friends and you live to make those you love happy. But you’re also completely neurotic, anal, and controlling and that has driven away friends, and romantic partners. You’ve often found yourself seeking fulfilment through the wrong methods and you’re not exactly proud to admit that you’ve jumped into bed with others, perhaps too easily. But you’ll soon straighten out your values and your passion and big heart will lead to a beautiful life.

Phoebe buffet friends tv show character

You’ve always been the odd one out of the bunch, and that includes in the bedroom. You see angel numbers everywhere, carry crystals in your pockets and you’ve had sex in more public places than you can count. Though you appear off-balance to some, you have a strong connection to your intuition. You don’t follow conventional rules; you march to the beat of your own guitar. While you haven’t had the easiest life, you’re also optimistic, you believe the best in people, and you have fine-tuned instincts. Things always work out for the best.

Ross Geller friends tv show

You’re the intellect when it comes to the books, but when it comes to women, you need a little help. You’re the jealous type, you use too much hair gel and you take a little too much pride in being right. You try so hard to be the nice guy, you end up doing the wrong thing, but your heart is in the right place. Try not to get too excited when you meet someone who matches your intelligence. They’ll satisfy you up top, but that’s about it. Take a break from dating – you never know what will happen.