Eryn Pinksen

Senior Editor


Eryn Pinksen is enrolled in the Radio and Television Program here at NAIT. She has a passion for news reporting and is very excited to be connecting others with campus news while working at The Nugget. She loves engaging with the campus as well as the local community and always enjoys meeting new people and learning about their unique stories.

Edmonton has been Eryn’s home for over five years as she began her education at the University of Alberta where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in English. She has always wanted to be a news reporter and is proud to be developing her broadcast career in a city she is so passionate about.

You can always find Eryn at different local events, markets and coffee shops. She adores the theatre and supporting local artists. She has fallen in love with Edmonton; its culture and the hidden gems in the city that she is always happy to share.

Tora Matys

Entertainment Editor


Tora is a second semester of the radio program at NAIT. You can hear her on the NR92 airwaves Tuesday mornings at 7 a.m. spinning vinyls or Wednesday’s at lunch co-hosting Metal Church.

Her love for the radio began when she was a little girl in Ontario and she got a crank radio. That magic little box enabled her to take music anywhere without power or batteries, and she was unstoppable! When she was 13 she got her first vinyl, and that was the start of a healthy addiction. Growing up she always had her nose in a magazine and headphones on.

Tora loves working with local bands to promote themselves and designing/making merch. Through writing with The Nugget she’s gotten the chance to meet and interview local musicians like The Red Cannons and The Velvetines. Eventually she wants to write for some of her childhood magazines like Metal Hammer or Thrasher.

Zachary Flynn

Sports Editor


Zachary Flynn is a second-semester Television student at NAIT. His love of storytelling and advocacy led him to write for The NAIT Nugget where he could share the stories of NAIT.

Before coming to NAIT, Zach spent his time with Edmonton Public Schools and Alberta Student Voice as an advocate for students, representing them on a local and provincial level. He strongly believes that when people are engaged with their community and the people around them, it leads to a more inclusive and welcoming environment for everybody.

As Sports Editor, his goal is to showcase the human side of being an athlete, showing that there’s more to sports than statistics. He also wants to use his time at The Nugget to help bring light to issues that matter to students and athletes alike.

Jace Maki

Online Editor


Jace Maki a second-semester Radio and Television student at NAIT. His passion for news, politics and storytelling has led him to pursue a career in Television News.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Jace has a deep pride and admiration for his city and province. He likes spending time taking in the natural beauty of the Edmonton River Valley and enjoying the city’s growing downtown. He is a big supporter of Edmonton’s sports teams (especially the Eskimos).

As any other person his age, Jace likes spending time on social media and understands the important role it has in helping to keep the world connected. He had the opportunity to work on the social content team for the 2018 Grey Cup Festival.

As the Online Editor of the NAIT Nugget, he hopes to grow the Nugget’s Online presence and engage with the NAIT community. He’s very excited to work with the Nugget team this semester!

Jaylene Hollohan

Online Content Creator


Jaylene is in her second semester of the Television and Radio Program here at NAIT. She was born in Nova Scotia but Edmonton has been home for 13 years now.

Jaylene is passionate about writing, photography, videography and her dog. She hopes to be a writer one day while still working in the television industry… she also hopes to own a house full of dogs.

Jaylene previously attended Concordia University but recently made the switch to NAIT which she is very happy about. She’s excited that she is finally doing something that she loves and is excited to be a part of the Nugget team!

Spencer Shortt



Spencer is the go-to guy when it comes to cameras and making movies. As the son of an avid writer he’s always loved telling stories.

His dream is to travel the world and tell the tales of those that no one else will tell. He’d like to touch lives across the globe and to create meaningful content that will outlast his lifetime and serve as a legacy for generations to come. Spencer uses his expertise in both cinematography and photography to help you tell your story. His knowledge of lighting, sound design and post-production editing will ensure your story is told in the most visually-compelling way possible. 

Spencer is The Nugget’s first ever Video Editor and he is super psyched to be a part of such an awesome team. You can find his work online at shorttfilms.com, on The Nugget’s YouTube channel or track him down in the RATV building to discuss video ideas!


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