Chris Avery

Assistant NEWS Editor


Chris Avery is currently enrolled in the Business Administration program at NAIT, specializing in Accounting. His end goal is to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and pursue a CPA designation.  His true passion resides in writing and editing. Chris thoroughly enjoys the process it takes to compile formal and informal reports. He takes pride in watching the report develop into a cohesive and coherent force whereby the information flows from sentence to sentence.

As a hobby, Chris enjoys reading novels in his spare time and writing poetry and prose.  He also enjoys staying active through river valley walks and hiking trails within and outside the city.  Chris recently joined The Nugget as of January 2020 and looks forward to a productive term filled with new issues and ideas.


Orrin Farries



 Orrin Farries is a hoop head, a rugby hooligan, and a first year Materials Engineering Technologist student with a huge passion for sports and writing.

With a lifelong dream of writing major athlete biographies, Orrin is looking to give the athletes at NAIT a platform to share their story, and to add to the excitement on campus about our NAIT Ooks.

 Elijah O’Donnell

Entertainment Editor


Eli O’Donnell is a former Art Inspector, failed surf cult leader, twenty-first-century pirate (the “I got scurvy one-time” kind) and most recently, the Head Entertainment Editor at The NAIT Nugget. While taking radio broadcasting, Eli has found his passion for hosting various radio shows on NR92, NAIT’s campus radio station. With The Nugget, Eli is looking for a place to practice his dynamic team skills and to improve his 8th-grade writing level.

“A good time guy.” – Eli’s Roommate

“There was never a minute I wasn’t smiling.  ✯✯✯✯✯✯/✯✯✯✯✯” – Tora M., Former Entertainment Editor

“It’s time to shine.” – Eli’s Mum

Stephanie Swensrude

Assistant Entertainment Editor 

Stephanie Swensrude is thrilled to be joining the Nugget team as Assistant Entertainment Editor. She started the NAIT Television program in January. With a background in the performing arts and many connections in the Edmonton arts scene, Stephanie brings an inside knowledge to anything and everything happening in our great city. By joining the Nugget team, Stephanie hopes to develop her journalism skills, participate in creative collaboration, and bring interesting and fun news to NAIT students.

In her spare time, you will probably find Stephanie singing, doodling, hanging out with her friends, or eating spaghetti. Through the NAIT Television program, she hopes to hone a set of skills that will allow her to freelance, working from a laptop anywhere in the world. 




Noah Ference

VIDEO Editor


Noah Ference is enrolled in the Business Administration program at NAIT, specializing in entrepreneurship and innovation. He studies the foundations and tactics of business in an effort to develop his own company, Rednox Productions. Filmmaking and photography is where Noah’s true passion lies and he uses the business program to help develop Rednox into a full media studio. 

Noah joined The Nugget in October of 2019 as the photo editor as a way to professionally challenge his artistic abilities. Very quickly, taking photos for The Nugget became an immensely empowering and satisfying way in which Noah could show the kind of work he was able to do. Noah continues to develop his skills in the visual arts and develop Rednox Productions to share new perspectives, feelings, and emotions for the world to enjoy. 

Karlie Mickanuik



Karlie Mickanuik is one of the Online Editors at the Nugget.  She has always enjoyed writing articles for the paper every week and now helps to run the Nugget’s social media pages.  She is very excited to be a part of the Nugget team.

Karlie has a passion for film and hopes to be a director one day.  Currently she is enrolled in the radio and television program at NAIT where she can not only hone her skill with a camera but spend time live on NR92 the campus radio station as well.



Madison Gummow


Madison Gummow is enrolled in television broadcasting at NAIT and has a passion for writing, journalism and social media content creation. She plans to pursue a career in social media, running her own online media company. 

The Nugget has been a major part of her life since she started at NAIT last semester. She began as a contributor, conducting interviews and writing articles. She is now one of the online editors; she is in charge of creating content and engaging posts to increase the Nugget’s online presence.


Mia Hildebrandt


Mia Hildebrandt is enrolled in television broadcasting at NAIT. She has enjoyed both watching and playing sports for as long as she remembers. She moved to Edmonton from Winnipeg to play on the NAIT women’s volleyball team and is hoping to pursue a career in the sports industry in the future.

She can often be found cheering for the Duke Blue Devils, Patriots, Raptors. 





Nicole Murphy



Nicole Murphy is passionate about creating teams that care about each other while pushing each other to be better. After years of producing & directing documentaries, working on feature films and for news stations she finds herself back at NAIT expanding the school newspaper from a team of one to over 25 students. 

She is excited to help students find and share their voice while developing their critical thinking skills.


Shawna Bannerman

Production Manager


Shawna has been working with The Nugget in one way or another for over three years. She began as an assistant editor while studying in the Graphic Communications program and, after graduating, returned as the Production Manager. She is an extremely creative person at her core, and she loves working with students to foster their creative talents and abilities. 

At any given moment, you will likely find her designing the latest issue of The Nugget, reading the newest Jen Sincero release, or creating jewellery for her own business Spent + Stone Jewellery.