Meet our team

Scott Zielsdorf is a 2nd year Radio student, aspiring journalist and self-proclaimed D&D addict. He is once again taking up the mantle of Lead Issues Editor and is enthusiastic about covering everything NAIT issues during this new, exciting transition to online journalism. Scott values freedom of information, expression and community. He is looking forward to working with the Nugget team for one final semester before shipping off to the world at large.

Scott Zielsdorf

Lead issues Editor

Chris Avery

Assistant issues Editor

Chris Avery is an adventurer, a finance major, and The Nugget’s Assistant Issues Editor. He loves hiking the beautiful late summer trails and the autumnal ravines in and around Edmonton with his puppy. He also enjoys watching the news and practising his french skills whenever he can. His passion for writing comes from his time in high school and he has carried this with him throughout his young adult life. With The Nugget, Chris is looking to build his community awareness skills. He aims to find stories and help other contributors look for NAIT inspired and community-driven practices around campus and the Edmonton area.

Erica Cawagas is an audiovisual artist currently enrolled in NAIT’s Radio and Television program. She is passionate about photography, videography and graphic design. Erica hopes to pursue a career in the film industry both in Canada and the Philippines. Apart from visual arts, Erica composes music and hopes to incorporate her music into her videos.

Erica Cawagas

Photo and VIDEO Editor

Orrin Farries


Orrin Farries is a hoop head, a rugby hooligan, and a first year Materials Engineering Technologist student with a huge passion for sports and writing. With a lifelong dream of writing major athlete biographies, Orrin is looking to give the athletes at NAIT a platform to share their story, and to add to the excitement on campus about our NAIT Ooks.

Karlie Mickanuik

Entertainment Editor

Karlie is the Entertainment Editor this semester and is ecstatic to be a part of The Nugget again this year. Karlie is starting her second year of television broadcasting at NAIT with hopes to become a film director one day. Currently, Karlie works on film sets around Edmonton and at NAIT as a videographer for the culinary program. The Nugget has always been a place for her to hone her creativity and she is excited to share her ideas for the entertainment section this year.

Tora Matys

Assistant Entertainment Editor

Tora is back for round two at NAIT and editing for The Nugget. After recently graduating from the Radio Broadcasting program, her goals of opening her own studio and being able to connect local talent with the world-wide audience are in sight. The only problem is, she has no idea how to make this legally and fiscally possible, so she has enrolled in the Business and Marketing program. She has big goals and an even bigger attitude to back it up. As a vinyl connoisseur and lover of anything music she feels it’s her mission to spread the good name of rock and roll to every inch of the world. Tora is so excited to be back with the Nugget as the Assistant Entertainment Editor and be able to help and push Karlie to be an even better editor than she was and share her experiences with everyone.

Mia Hildebrandt


Mia Hildebrandt is enrolled in the Radio and Television program at NAIT. She loves creating written, photo and video work and enjoys both playing and watching sports. Mia hopes to pursue a career in the sports industry someday and is excited to be apart of The Nugget team again this semester! She can often be found cheering for the Duke Blue Devils, Patriots, and Raptors.

Eli O’Donnell

Intern/Assistant Media Operations Manager

Eli O’Donnell is a former Art Inspector, failed surf cult leader, twenty-first-century pirate (the “I got scurvy one-time” kind) and most recently, the Intern/Assistant Media Operations Manager at The NAIT Nugget. While taking radio broadcasting, Eli has found his passion for YEG’s growing local hip-hop scene. With The Nugget, Eli is looking for a place to practice his team dynamic skills and to improve his 8th-grade writing level. “A good time guy” – Caleb Smith, Eli’s Roommate “There was never a minute I wasn’t smiling. ✯✯✯✯✯✯/✯✯✯✯✯” – Tora Matys, Assistant Entertainment Editor “It’s time to shine” – Stacey O’Donnell, Eli’s Mum

Nick Hotte

Intern/Assistant video editor

Nick Hotte is a storyteller who loves the world of fiction. He one day hopes to produce his long series Trinity, which is based in another universe. Nick also enjoys making short films and movies. Nick has made two movies during high school and one day hopes to remake one of them into a full film. Nick is working on improving his skills in storytelling and production with The Nugget so that he can one day make his films.

Shawna Bannerman The NAIT Nugget Production Designer

Shawna Bannerman


Shawna has been working with The Nugget in one way or another for over three years. She began as an assistant editor while studying in the Graphic Communications program and, after graduating, returned as the Online Media Editor. She is an extremely creative person at her core, and she loves working with students to foster their creative talents and abilities. At any given moment, you will likely find her editing articles for The Nugget, reading the newest Jen Sincero release, or creating jewellery for her own business Spent + Stone Jewellery.