Jory Proft

Senior Editor

Jory Proft, is currently enrolled in NAIT’s Radio and Television Program. He loves being a part of The Nugget because he is able tell unique stories, be creative, and spend time with the Nug’s awesome staff!

Conner Toffan

Sports Editor

Conner is a television student in his last year at NAIT. He grew up playing sports but baseball was his main passion. He looks forward to his last semester at the Nugget, and bringing you the most important Ook news.

Nikita Eleniak

Entertainment Editor

Nikita Eleniak, is in her third semester of Radio at NAIT. This is her second year writing for the Nugget, and first as the Arts and Lifestyle Editor. She is passionate about all things music, and an active member of the Edmonton arts community. Her hobbies include painting, tattoo design, and punk shows.

Serena Deschner

Online Editor

Peter Go

Assistant Sports Editor

Peter Go was born in the 80s. Lived through the 90s and is still here through the 00s. His love of sports and sports entertainment will hopefully bring some style to this year’s sports pages.

Emily Keller

Assistant Entertainment Editor

Emily Keller is currently a NAIT student enrolled in the radio stream of the Radio and Television program. In her free time she likes to create and read comics and play with her dog.